About Elise

Originally from Hong Kong, Elise found herself a new home in Beijing in 2019 where she continues to cover China and Hong Kong for international readers. She writes, translates and edits daily stories and features to make China more accessible to international readers.

Her work covers a wide range of subjects, including biotechnology, financial and economic trends, local and international policies, and sustainability. She interviews business executives, experts and ordinary people to get their stories and insights. Elise has written extensively on China for various publications, and has first-hand insights into China’s market landscape and culture.

When Elise is not writing, she seeks adventure around the world. She has travelled extensively to over 50 countries to hear people’s stories, such as the ethnic minorities in the remote corners of China, the struggles faced by minority groups in Russia, Iran and Armenia, and the conflicts between religious groups in Israel.

Visiting a Tajik family in Tashkurgan, Xinjiang in 2015.