China reopening: companies try to lure back expat staff with bigger pay, allowances after pandemic exodus

South China Morning Post, February 04 2023

With its strict pandemic curbs now in the rear-view mirror, hopes are high that key foreign staff will return to mainland China

Some believe the lavish expat remuneration package is a thing of the past as firms based in China increasingly look to local talent to fill vacancies

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China’s carbon market grows slowly amid data concerns

Fair Planet, May 18 2022

China vows to clamp down on data fabrication in 2022 as its national emissions trading scheme (ETS) is nearing the one-year mark.

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Could China’s coronavirus outbreak hurt the global drug industry?

Al Jazeera, 26 February 2020

China, epicentre of the outbreak, is the world’s dominant maker of the building blocks of some of the most common drugs.

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No more easy money from mass testing despite COVID zero

The China Project, October 19 2022

COVID testing companies in China pocketed billions of yuan in the first half of 2022, but the big bucks that have lured many newcomers to enter the market may end soon, as Beijing has imposed price caps for testing.

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Chinese drugmakers set sights on emerging markets

PharmaDJ, July 11 2022

The journey for Chinese biosimilars on the Belt and Road begins as drugmakers seek new markets.

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As the Covid-19 crisis highlights the fragility of the global economy, green finance gets a boost

ACCA Global, 01 July 2020

As attention turns to recovery in a post-Covid-19 world, is now the time to focus on creating a more sustainable and resilient global economy through green finance?

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As Covid-19 wreaks havoc, professional accountants have a key role in preventing white-collar crime

ACCA Global, 01 June 2020

At times of economic crisis, white-collar crime rises and, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues, accountants have a key role in ensuring due diligence and compliance

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As U.S.-China tensions curb biopharma investment, both sides could be victims

BioWorld, 05 September 2019

The ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China has helped put the biotechnology field on the U.S. foreign investment restriction list, causing a chilling effect on the market.

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Beijing: resolute support to Hong Kong authorities

Harbour Times, 30 July 2019

A month-long protest against the extradition bill has turned violent in recent weeks with rounds of tear gas and rubber bullets fired on the busy streets of Hong Kong. The escalating violent clashes have prompted Beijing to break its silence on Monday to show ‘resolute support’ for the Hong Kong government and police, as widely expected.

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Reviving Silk Road cultural exchange

China Daily, 07 March 2019

Long associated with trade and commerce, the ancient Silk Road was also an important conduit for intellectual and artistic exchanges that continue to this day.

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